SimDOME aims to develop an industry-ready software framework for materials modelling interoperability, based on EU/EMMC standards on materials modelling, by combining, further developing and adapting existing software developed within previous EU FP7-NMP projects SimPhoNy and MoDeNa, the H2020-NMBP project NanoDome and the FP7 ERC-AdG STRATUS.

SimDOME achieves the highest level of interoperability through the standardisation of the material user-cases (i.e. the material/process to be simulated, according to EMMC definitions) that are provided within the SimDOME framework by means of the European Materials Modelling Ontology (EMMO). User case standardisation will allow data communications between software by translating the concept of each specific implementation to the standard unified concepts and interfaces provided by the ontology.

The framework will provide also ready-to-use modules that cover different industrial applications and materials modelling fields spanning through multiple scales. The demonstration of the exploitation potential of the framework will be done within project by testing the SimDOME framework prototype and each integrated modelling software in their respective industrial operational environments (TRL 7) in the fields of gas and liquid phase material synthesis, molecule characterisation and chemical kinetics.

SimDOME will integrate and provide the upscaled software and services for maintenance and support via the existing and future European Materials Modelling Marketplace (EMMM), the network of modelling translation environments and the Open Innovation modelling test beds. A strong relation with the EMMC, EMMM and existing projects is guaranteed by the fact that most of the SimDOME proponents are active members of the EMMC, leading the EMMO development and partners of existing H2020 Modelling Marketplace projects.

SimDOME project partner NIROES has developed a prototype to account for seamless integration of experimental measurement and computational simulations in absorption/fluorescence spectra. In doing so, NIROES has integrated COBRAMM framework,

At the M05 session of the MSE 2020 Congress, Dr Amit Bhave from CMCL Innovations presented on the topic, “An ontology-enabled approach for modelling the carbon black formation process”, on

Prof Daniele Marchisio of Politecnico di Torino recently presented a webinar entitled “Computational Fluid Dynamics for multiscale modelling: VIMMP and SimDOME test cases”.

CMCL represented the SimDOME project at the TechConnect and Smart City Connect Expo, held in Washington, DC (US) on 27-29 September 2022. In addition to the innovation pitch under the innovation track, “AI, Data,

Multiple SimDOME partners such as UNIBO, CMCL and Fraunhofer presented at the 1st Open Workshop organised by OntoTrans, an EC H2020 project that focuses on developing an open industrial translation

SimDOME’s coordinator, Prof. Emanuele Ghedini from the University of Bologna presented a Plenary Talk entitled “From Ontology to Practical Applications” at the 3rd EMMC International Workshop (this time conducted online).