SimDOME Final Event – Industrial Engagement Open Day

The SimDOME partners actively participated in the final event of the project, organised through a combined Hackathon and Industrial Engagement Open Day, in collaboration with Digital Open Marketplace Ecosystem (DOME) 4.0 project. The event was organised on 17-19 January 2023 at BI-REX, a Competence Centre on industry 4.0 in Bologna, Italy. Participants from large and small Industries, start-ups, academia and RTOs actively participated and contributed to the event.

The first day of the event (17 January), i.e., the Industrial Engagement Open Day, saw engagement and presentations from the project partners, which started with UMICORE and POLITO giving a combined presentation on how the project development is contributing to support the wet phase synthesis of battery precursor materials. As project partners, the two SMEs, NIREOS and CMCL also presented their user cases, and covered how Open Simulation Platform (OSP) has enabled them to exploit developments in materials modelling to tackle real-world industrial challenges. For example, NIREOS’s presentation on the integration of measurements with computational simulations of fluorescence spectra for their Gemini interferometer product. CMCL demonstrated the upscaling of its kinetics and MoDS software applied to carbon black synthesis and to vehicular exhaust treatment via the SimDOME OSP.

As part of the Industrial Engagement Open Day, NIREOS also showcased its fluorescence spectroscopy technology and products at the exhibition, organised at the BI-REX venue.