The key concept of SimDOME is the achievement of the highest level of interoperability through the standardisation of the material user-cases (i.e. the material/process to be simulated, according to EMMC definitions) that are provided within the SimDOME OSP by means of a community developed materials modelling ontology. User case standardisation will allow data communications between software by translating the concept of each specific implementation to the standard unified concepts and interfaces provided by the ontology.

In order to maximise the impact in terms of a) exploitation channels for existing modelling software and b) to increase the effective use of models in manufacturing industry, the SimDOME OSP is not focused nor restricted to a specific material area (e.g. molecular design), but has the ambition to be general enough to span a wide range of applications and offer via the integration with European Materials Modelling Marketplaces, a streamlined process that can be activated beyond the project timeline for identification and upscaling of future academic and research developments in order to significantly accelerate uptake by industry.

The OSP will be accessed also via dedicated Graphical User Interface (GUI) to further facilitate uptake and widen end user target. To fully reach these objectives, the SimDOME OSP relies on the

European Materials Modelling Ontology (EMMO) (currently in development) for the implementation of tools and models’ semantic and syntactic interoperability. A strong relation with the EMMC, EMMM and existing projects is guaranteed by the fact that most of the SimDOME proponents are active members of the EMMC, leading the EMMO development and partners of existing H2020 Modelling Marketplace projects.

The SimDOME project innovation is primarily delivered by the OSP itself, while the selected set of Applications will: a) deliver innovation based on materials modelling on specific well-defined and high impact industrial area, b) contribute to the development of the ontological framework for the specific application (thus widening the EMMO) and c) demonstrate the OSP effectiveness to untap and uncap the potential of existing software and materials models, while providing seamless integration between models and scales. The Applications are also the selected means to provide measurable indicators to demonstrate the upscaling effectiveness of SimDOME in reaching the expected impact, as requested by the call and even beyond.