While there are numerous integrated platforms for simulation, there is currently no industry ready, TRL 6- 7 generally extendible common modelling platform compliant with EMMO and EMMP that manages the materials data and knowledge infrastructure (EMMC Roadmap 2016). The ontological EMMO-based approach will provide a framework that is the first of a kind, for scope and approach with significant advancements both in:

  1. Horizontal interoperability, i.e. the use of different modelling types and codes for a single material user case (one user case, multiple models), that is pursued by an ontological approach to models and materials;

  2. Vertical interoperability, i.e. the transfer of data between different codes and model types, through the ontological definition of the measurable properties of materials that will be stored within standard data structures and interchange format that will be defined during the project.

The key concept in achieving these advancements is the formalization and management of the knowledge in the materials modelling field by the ontological approach provided by the EMMO. SimDOME builds on EU leadership in OSP gained through recent and ongoing EU projects. SimDOME brings in a much-needed concepts and implementation of a solid ontology-based core, meta-programming and classes that can be used and utilised in multiple applications. SimDOME further brings ontology to the industry end user facilitated by semantic aware GUI that provides a direct mapping of USER CASE terminology (MODA) to actual modelling workflows. This constitutes a major step with respect to the state of the art as no such tool is yet available.