Dr Adham Hashibon of Fraunhofer recently hosted a presentation entitled “Digitalization of Knowledge and Industrial Technologies – Towards Horizon Europe”. Read more about the event here.

At the M05 session of the MSE 2020 Congress, CMCL Innovations (on behalf of CMCL, UNIBO, and Fraunhofer) presented a new publication entitled “An ontology-enabled approach for modelling the carbon black formation process”.

A high profile dissemination event, “Digitalisation of Knowledge and Industrial technologies: Towards Horizon Europe” is planned as part of the SimDOME project. The event organised in Bologna, Italy, will present a multi-disciplinary perspective featuring experts from various knowledge fields (Thu. 9 Nov. 2019). For more information please visit: The

SimDOME project represents a unique interdisciplinary collaboration between philosophy, natural sciences, computer science and engineering. Sebastiano Moruzzi and Emanuele Ghedini from the University of Bologna presented the “EMMO: An Ontology for Applied Sciences”, at the COGITO International Workshop in Bologna, Italy (11 Apr 2019). Read more here:

The project coordinator, Emanuele Ghedini presented the EMMO status and the next steps within the context of the SimDOME project at the EMMC International Workshop in Vienna, Austria (25-27 Feb 2019). Read more about the workshop here.